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Amar Chitra Katha

Tales of Humour: 5-in-1

Tales of Humour: 5-in-1

Pages: 170 pages   |   Binding: Hardbound
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Embark on a riotous journey through the world of wit and humor with the "Tales of Humor" 5-in-1 collection by Amar Chitra Katha. This uproarious anthology brings together timeless tales of wit, wisdom, and laughter, showcasing the legendary jesters and wits of Indian folklore who use their cunning and humor to outsmart their foes and champion the cause of justice.

The Trickster: Join Raman of Tenali, the irrepressible trickster whose quick wit and sharp tongue often land him in trouble, yet always manage to turn the tables in his favor. From audaciously jesting with goddess Kali to outwitting the king's orders to behead him, Raman's adventures are as hilarious as they are daring.

The Witty Birbal: Enter the world of Birbal, the wise and wily advisor to Emperor Akbar, whose legendary intellect and clever repartee are matched only by his unwavering sense of justice. From solving perplexing mysteries to outsmarting thieves and counting crows, Birbal's ingenious solutions never fail to amuse and astound.

The Jester: Meet Gopal the Jester, the beloved court fool whose jests and pranks often carry profound truths and moral lessons. When a king seeks to measure the length and breadth of the earth, it is Gopal who offers a clever solution that leaves everyone in stitches while imparting a valuable lesson in humility.

As you journey through these delightful tales, you'll discover the timeless appeal of Indian folklore, where humor serves as a powerful tool for defending the weak, challenging the powerful, and ensuring that justice prevails. With its charming narratives and vibrant illustrations, the "Tales of Humor" collection is sure to tickle your funny bone and leave you laughing out loud.

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