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Amar Chitra Katha

Tales of Giants And Demons: 5-in-1

Tales of Giants And Demons: 5-in-1

Pages: 170 pages   |   Binding: Hardbound
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Embark on a spellbinding journey into the realm "Tales of Giants and Demons" 5-in-1 pack by Amar Chitra Katha. This captivating collection unravels the complex characters from Indian mythology.

Ravana's Intellect: Formidable king of Lanka known for his lust for power and relentless pursuit of Rama's beloved Sita, Ravana was also a man of intellect, artistic talent, and unwavering devotion to Lord Shiva. His story unfolds in "Lord of Lanka," revealing complexities of his character and tragic consequences of his actions.

Humility and Fear: Witness the downfall of the mighty king in "Ravana Humbled" as he faces consequences of arrogance and hubris, leading to defeat at the hands of Rama. Even in defeat, Ravana's legacy looms large, leaving behind fear and admiration.

Mahiravana: Delve into the mysterious world of the cunning son of Ravana and ruler of the netherworld. Experience his treacherous plot to deceive Hanuman and abduct Rama and Lakshmana, testing the limits of loyalty and devotion in the face of deception and betrayal.

Kumbhakarna: Uncover the tale of the sleeping giant whose loyalty to his brother Ravana knows no bounds. Wwitness ultimate sacrifice in the battle against Rama, as he bravely defends his kingdom with unwavering courage.

Ghatotkacha: Explore the story of the obedient and dutiful son of the demoness Hidimba, and his unwavering loyalty to his father Bheema, the Pandava prince. Witness heroic deeds and selfless sacrifices in the epic battle of Kurukshetra, where his valor and strength become legendary.

Through these enthralling tales, readers are transported to a world of myth and legend, where giants and demons embody the complexities of human nature and the eternal struggle between good and evil. With its vibrant illustrations and timeless storytelling, "Tales of Giants and Demons" is a must-have addition to any collection!

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