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Amar Chitra Katha

Stories of Rama: 5-in-1

Stories of Rama: 5-in-1

Pages: 170 pages   |   Binding: Hardbound
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Uncover the captivating Indian mythology collection by Amar Chitra Katha that brings to life the legendary saga of Lord Rama and his divine companions. A tribute to the enduring legacy of one of the most revered figures in Indian culture, this pack brings you the titles: Ancestor of Rama, Dasharatha, Rama, Hanuman and The Sons of Rama.

Ancestor of Rama: Delve into the ancient lineage of Rama, trace the origins of the Ikshvaku dynasty and the noble heritage of Rama. Children discover the mythical tales that shaped the destiny of Ayodhya's royal lineage, setting the stage for Rama's heroic journey.

Dasharatha: Explore the life of the father of Rama, Dasharatha, known for his benevolent rule and unwavering principles in this Indian mythology comic book for kids. From his noble virtues to the fateful decision that would alter the course of history, 'Dasharatha' offers children a glimpse into the legacy of a revered king.

Rama: Embark on an adventurous quest to uphold truth and justice with Rama. From his exile to the forests to his fateful encounter with the demon king Ravana, children witness the eternal journey of Rama.

Hanuman: Join the mighty Hanuman, the devoted disciple of Rama and experience his unwavering devotion. Children witness his extraordinary life that exemplifies the power of faith and the triumph of good over evil.

The Sons of Rama: Meet the valiant sons of Rama and Sita, Luv and Kush, whose bravery and valor shine bright as they confront adversity. Through their extraordinary deeds and unwavering devotion, the book stands as beacons ofa courage and righteousness for children.

Stories of Rama from Amar Chitra Katha invites readers of all ages to journey into the heart of Indian mythology. This series promises to captivate your imagination, stir your soul and leave a lasting impression of courage, faith, and the triumph of good over evil on children of all ages!

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