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Amar Chitra Katha

Naval Journey of India: Collector's Edition 3-in-1

Naval Journey of India: Collector's Edition 3-in-1

Pages: 110 pages   |   Binding: Paperback
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The Naval Journey of India: 3-in-1 Collector's Issue is an exquisite homage to the rich maritime heritage of India. This series celebrates the Indian Navy and serves as a treasure trove of nautical history, offering a comprehensive insight into the evolution of India's naval forces from ancient times to the modern era.

Millennia of Sea Travels: Embark on a voyage into the depths of maritime history with Book 1 of our series, as young Bharat and his grandfather, Commodore Sagar, unveil the captivating narrative of India's nautical legacy. Discover the profound impact of the oceans on our ancestors, the tales of visiting civilizations, and the pivotal role of maritime exploration in shaping our identity.

Tacking to the Blue Stars: Experience the essence of the Indian Navy's journey in modern India through the title, cleverly named after two nautical terms. 'Tacking' reflects a sailor's skill in navigating with the wind, while 'Blue Waters' represents the vast ocean surrounding our nation. Join Commodore Sagar, Bharat, and Sagarika on another historical voyage as they explore the Navy's past.

Tales of Glory: As the navy sails into a new day's challenges, we look back at the past, not as something we leave behind, but as the force that moves us ahead. Join Commodore Sagar, Bharat, and Sagarika in the third and final installment of the Naval journey of India. Discover the inspiring stories of brave men and women from our Navy, who served with honor, courage, and dedication, leading by their remarkable examples.

Amar Chitra Katha's Naval Journey of India inspires the love for learning and reading. The exciting Indian stories of valor and wisdom, told through the engaging comic storytelling style can improve reading habits and enhance creativity. Additionally, learning about our Indian Navy can fill children with pride and gratitude for the people who stand guard on the seas so that we can sleep peacefully.

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