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Amar Chitra Katha

Gods and Goddesses: 22 Stories Set

Gods and Goddesses: 22 Stories Set

Pages: 704 pages   |   Binding: Hardbound
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Delve into Gods and Goddesses, a collection that celebrates the illustrious Indian gods and goddesses through their captivating tales. From the formidable Shiva to the endearing Ganesha and the beloved Durga, each story is a tapestry of divine charisma and distinctive characteristics of these revered deities for kids.

Diverse Divine Narratives: Rich treasury of Indian mythology stories from popular Indian gods of the epics like Rama and Krishna to lesser-known ones like Ayyappan and Parshurama, this Indian comic book collection helps kids understand the role and significance of gods and goddesses.

Timeless Wisdom and Morals: These Indian mythology tales are a beacon of wisdom, imparting essential lessons and profound values on kids. Each story becomes a source of moral learning, making it an educational and enriching experience for children.

Cultural Richness and Heritage: Serve as a cultural bridge, fostering an appreciation for Indian heritage among children, especially those of the diaspora. It not only connects the kids to their roots but also helps them understand traditional rituals during festivals.

Educational Exploration: The Indian mythological stories offer an engaging and educational exploration of Indian mythology, providing children with a deeper understanding of their cultural and spiritual heritage. The captivating Indian narratives stimulate curiosity and contribute to a holistic learning experience

Inspiration for Creative Expression: Beyond imparting wisdom, these tales inspire creativity and imaginative thinking. Vibrant characters and fantastical settings provide a canvas for artistic expression, encouraging kids to explore their creative potential.

Journey into the heart of Indian storytelling with Amar Chitra Katha. These illustrated childrenÕs comic books cover a tapestry of history, fantasy, and cultural richness with timeless stories!

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