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Amar Chitra Katha

Bheeshma: Selflessness Personified

Bheeshma: Selflessness Personified

Pages: 32 pages   |   Binding: Paperback
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Bheeshma embraced the trials of kingship, even without its comforts. Discover the extraordinary choices he made, enduring long years of solitude solely to honor a father's whim in this Indian mythology comics for kids.

Birth of Greatness: Explore the divine origins and early life of Bheehsma, destined for greatness born to the beautiful goddess Ganga. Foster an early appreciation for legendary tales and developing reading habits in kids.

Exceptional Virtues: Uncover the exceptional qualities that set him apart and made him a revered figure in Indian mythology. Emphasize the values of honesty and kindness, encouraging children to reflect on the importance of virtuous traits.

Prowess on the Battlefield: Witness his martial prowess and strategic insight that contribute to his legacy. Children explore themes of heroism and bravery, fostering an interest in Indian mythology stories that involve adventure and mythical battles.

Trials of Kingship: Bheeshma's unwavering commitment to duty is highlighted as he willingly endures the challenges of kingship, even without its comforts. Children understand the sacrifices he makes for the greater good.

Years of Solitude for Family Duty: Explore the narrative where Bheeshma willingly embraces long years of solitude to honor a father's wishes. Sparks meaningful discussions on essential family values and sacrifices, fostering an appreciation for the b bonds that form within families.

Bheeshma is a gateway to India's history, mythological wonders, and a celebration of timeless characters. Our illustrated children's comics books are loved by one and all. Dive into the folktales, humor and culture!

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