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Amar Chitra Katha

ACK Junior Pack: Level 2 - 13 Books | Ages 2-4 years

ACK Junior Pack: Level 2 - 13 Books | Ages 2-4 years

Pages: 512 pages   |   Binding: Boxset
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Step into the enchanting world of imagination with our delightful Amar Chitra Katha's Junior Level 2 Pack tailored for children aged 3 to 6 years old. Each page invites young readers on a magical journey filled with colourful characters and valuable life lessons.

Level 2 stories are slightly advanced and curated for young readers gaining confidence in reading. It expands the vocabulary and language skills of young learners and encourages curiosity and exploration. Growing Up with ACK Junior Level 2 nurtures a lifelong love for reading. Unleash creative adventures for budding readers with wholesome stories drafted for preschoolers.

Explore the hidden gems in this exclusive collection:

Fun Unlimited: With 13 captivating short stories packed into one delightful collection, young minds will embark on unforgettable adventures alongside beloved characters such as Krishna, Ganesha, Hanuman, Rama, and Sita. Each story offers valuable lessons and timeless wisdom

Timeless Wisdom: Amar Chitra Katha's Junior Level 2 Pack transcends time, offering narratives rich in cultural heritage, mythology, and adventure, providing young readers with wisdom that will stay with them forever.

Effortlessly Portable and Substantial: Experience the perfect blend of ease and quality content, making it a convenient read on the go or cosy home enjoyment.

Stimulating Reading Experience: Exercise your creativity and thinking abilities with stories that challenge and engage the minds and hearts of young readers.

Educational Value: Beyond the entertainment, the Amar Chitra Katha's Junior Level 2 Pack offers educational benefits that enrich the minds of children. From expanding vocabulary to fostering critical thinking skills, these comics for kids present valuable learning opportunities in a fun and engaging format for children.

Parents seeking captivating stories for their children will find this collection to be a wonderful resource, fostering a love for reading from a young age.

Books Included |Brahma Tests Krishna| Chinni and 3 Cheats |Ganesha is First |Gankhu Gives it Back |Hanumans Leap to Lanka|Krishna and Kaliya |Krishna and the Yamaalarjuna Trees |Krishna Lifts Govardhana |Rama and the Squirrel |Sita's Bow |The Black Bull |The Mouse Maiden |The Washerman, the Donkey and the Lion

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